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Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries

Irish law provides for proper compensation for personal injuries resulting from accidents or acts of negligence, be it medical or other. To win a compensation claim one has to demonstrate that somebody, who had a duty of care is at fault.

Accidents at work and personal injuries are our speciality. If you were unfortunate enough to suffer an injury, let our team look after, and for, your compensation.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge we can identify the negligence and the people responsible for it even in the most difficult of situations.

Whether it is the employer, subcontractor, driver, shop owner,landlord or the State we will do our best to identify them if only possible.

Similarly, when it comes to negligence of professionals: doctors, lawyers, architects and others. Getting to the bottom of the matter requires time and co-operation with the best experts.

one of the very few firms we are able to deal with injuries arising from prolonged exposure to adverse working conditions. Those difficult cases, which require skill and knowledge. We often succeed in bringing the case to a happy end.

Please do give us a call – we can assess your over the phone. We will meet you to discuss the case if seems even remotely doable.

Tell us abour your case, We’ll call you back.


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