About us

Rostra Solicitors was established on 11 December 2013. The Principal, Marcin Szulc LLM, has been working in Ireland in the legal profession since 2006 – initially, for nearly 6 years in Maguire McClafferty Solicitors and between July 2012 and December 2013 in Philip Hannon Solicitors. He qualified as a solicitor in December 2012.

Our Firm specialises in:

– personal injuries
– criminal defence, extradition and European Arrest Warrants
– employment law
– conveyancing
– company formations and business

The practice employs in total 4 Irish qualified solicitors and a Polish qualified Radca Prawny (Legal Counsel) duly registered to practice in Ireland and in Poland.

Since 2005 Marcin Szulc has been publishing legal advice columns in Polish papers and magazines in Ireland.

We try to keep our fees reasonable and, although it is illegal to charge a fee as a percentage of award, we make every effort to keep our fee within just and honest limit.

Okulary doc

We can offer unique advice to any person in connection to their business in Poland – our Principal is a fluent Polish speaker and certified translator of Polish into (and from) English.

Do give us a call – we can frequently give some tips and advise on the phone. If cannot help on the phone, come over for a consultation. You can make an appointment by calling us.