Criminal defence

Criminal defence

Marcin Szulc spent his last 18 months of apprenticeship in secondment to Philip Hannon Solicitors who one of the leading Irish criminal defence law firms.

Rostra Solicitors represents defendants in the all the courts of Ireland. Whenever possible, our Clients are legally aided – to put it simply, the State foots the bill.

Please remember that you can always choose your legal aid solicitor. You also have the right to change your solicitor if you are not entirely happy with services you receive. However, we would prefer not to advise you when you are represented by someone else.

Call us before your first appearance in court and preferably at the time of your arrest. We can attend the station to independently advise you of your rights. Unfortunately, at the moment you do not have right to be assisted during an interview but this might change soon.

We also represent Clients appealing the sentence and / or its severity. Also, we are very active in the European Arrest Warrants cases. They are very difficult to defend but we always do our utmost to keep you from being sent back. Thanks to our experience these cases are difficult but far from hopeless.

We defend and represent in all road traffic offences and more serious cases. We liaise with the best forensic experts and barristers in Ireland and the UK.

In case of emergencies you can ring or ask the Gardaí to ring our emergency number at 0857513666.

If have been arrested in any criminal matter we can help.

Contact us to make an appointment in absolute confidence.

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